Published: Sept. 27, 2005

The Juvenile and Family Law Program, along with The Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The Federalist Society, OUTLaw, Republican Law Society, and the Student Trial Lawyers Association hosted a presentation titled "The Legal Recognition of Same-sex Parents:  Law, Psychology, and Ethics."  The presentation aimed to delve into the topic of same-sex parenting within the legal, psychological, and real-life experience contexts.  Three panels consisted of lawyers who have worked on same-sex parenting case, In re E.L.M.C., 100 P.3d 546 (Colo.App. 2004), psychologists offering sociological perspectives, and women who shared their first-hand experience as lesbians and as a lesbian adoptive mother.  Students were invited to ask questions and got to experience some of the lively debates among the panelists.