Published: Sept. 19, 2005

Colorado House Speaker Romanoff came to CU Law School to speak during lunchtime regarding why Coloradans should vote ‘Yes’ on Referenda C & D, a heated issue for the upcoming November 2005 Coordinated Election.  Referenda C & D is Colorado’s Economic Recovery Plan, which offers a way to cope with the ripple effects of Colorado’s recent recession and its one billion dollar cut on state’s spending on government services such as K-12 education, higher education, highway projects, building maintenance, and healthcare.  It proposes asking Coloradans to forgo their TABOR taxpayer refunds for five years and let the state earmark that money for education, health care, transportation and other services, and also for maintenance of public facilities, and infrastructure.  Romanoff emphasized that Referenda C & D will not raise any of Colorado’s tax rates, but instead it is expected to reduce the current 4.63% tax rate to 4.5% beginning in 2011 on a year-by-year basis. Romanoff rhetorically asked the students, “Do you want a lean state government or an anorexic one?”After several students voiced their concerns with the Colorado’s budget crisis and its effects on higher education, Romanoff predicted that higher education will be one of the “biggest losers” if Referenda C & D do not get passed.  With his final words, “I’m a big believer of representative democracy,” he strongly encouraged the law students’ participation in the upcoming November statewide ballots.