Published: July 20, 2005

Colorado Law alumnus Mark Cohen will sign his new novel, Bluetick Revenge, at The Tattered Cover in LoDo on July 20 at 7:30 pm and at High Crimes bookstore in Boulder on August 18.  Bluetick Revenge, which is “highly recommended” by the Library Journal, builds on Cohen’s debut novel The Fractal Murders (2004).  Publisher’s Weekly notes, “this solid follow-up shows appealing new facets of rugged Colorado sleuth Pepper Keane. Keane's old law firm hires him to dognap a champion bluetick coonhound belonging to Karlynn Slade, the estranged wife of the unsavory leader of an outlaw biker gang, as well as to baby-sit Karlynn until she can enter a federal witness protection program. The job gets harder when Karlynn disappears; dicier when her biker husband hires Keane to find her; and deadlier when her trail intersects with one bearing the scent of an unsolved murder from Keane's past. Many of the intriguing characters who assisted Keane previously reappear, including his love interest, math professor Jane Smyers, and his friend and martial arts mentor, Scott McCutcheon." For more information contact The Tattered Cover at 303-436-1070 or High Crimes (303-443-8346).