Published: Dec. 12, 2004

Professor Paul Campos published a short piece titled Sabermetrics for Football in the New York Times Magazine's Year in Ideas Special Issue on Sunday, December 12, 2004. (Click here to see the Magazine Table of Contents at the New York Times.) Co-authored with Jonathan Chait, a New Republic Senior Editor, the piece chronicles the rise in the use of statistical analysis -- sabermetrics -- in sports. Created by statistical guru Bill James, sabermetrics applies statistical analysis to decisions made during baseball and football games. For example, such analysis has suggested that football coaches tendto punt far more than they ought to on fourth down. Similarly, statistical analysis has suggested that two-point conversions in football rarely pay off. Professor Campos and Mr. Chait entered this piece as part of the Times' 4th Annual Year in Ideas because of the rise in such analysis, and attention paid to such analysis, during 2004.