Maintaining Your Wellbeing

At times, the adjustment to law school can seem overwhelming and stressful.  While it is normal to be challenged and to experience stress, it is important to make sure that you are staying balanced and happy.  There are many techniques and strategies for investing in and cultivating your overall wellbeing.  It is important to seek the support and help that you need as you navigate the challenging (and rewarding) experience of being a law student.

Managing stress involves behaviors that we all know how to do, but stress is tricky and unless you build your resilience, when you are feeling stressed, you might not think to do the things that will help you the most.  

  • Your physical health is foundational to your ability to perform your best under stress. The most basic behaviors make a difference in your resilience. 
    • Sleep - strive for a consistent waking time and follow good sleep hygiene practices
    • Eat - consume a variety of foods whose ingredients are recognizable. 
    • Drink water - two glasses more per day than at sea level. Limit caffeine intake. 
    • Exercise - the opportunities for exercise abound. Get up and move for 20 minutes a day whenever you can. Among the resources nearby are:
  • Your social, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are key. Note how different experiences affect your moods. Spend time with people around whom you feel most like yourself. Limit or avoid alcohol and other substances that affect moods, even if they cause a temporary improvement in your moods. 
    • Take breaks. 
    • Laugh.
    • Tap into your right brain by doing something creative, like painting or writing a funny blog. 
    • Learn something new.
    • Relevant resources include: 
      • CAPS, which offers walk-in counseling, groups, and workshops 
      • Meditation society sessions at the law school - check the events calendar for the next date/time 
      • CU's Meditation Club