Law School Applications and Bar Admission

When you apply for bar admission, the Colorado Office of Attorney Admissions will request a certificate of graduation and a copy of your law school application.  The Law School will complete this on your behalf, but you must first submit the following authorization form to the Law School (hard copies of the form are available outside the Registrar's office). You can either email the form to from your email address or turn in a hard copy to the FORMS box outside the Registrar's office. You do NOT need to separately submit a LX Form 5 to our office. We will send these items directly to the Office of Attorney Admissions once all grades are finalized. 

Why You Need to Provide Your Law School Application

The Colorado Office of Attorney Admissions compares the character and fitness disclosures on both your bar application and your law school application.  It is important that the information you disclose on both applications is consistent, to the extent the questions are similar.  Inconsistent responses could delay or prevent your admission to the bar.  For example, if you did not disclose something in your criminal history on your law school application but did disclose this on your bar application, this may raise a concern with the bar committee about your honesty or another aspect of your character.

If you would like to view a copy of your law school application, you may do so through LSAC directly and not through the Law School.

How to Amend Your Law School Application

If you made a mistake on your law school application or did not disclose something you should have, you may request to amend your application. To do so, send a written request via email to Melanie Kay with the following:

  • request that you be permitted to amend your application
  • explain what you would like to change about your answers (for example, "I would like to amend my application by changing my answer to question 7, part 4 from "no" to "yes")
  • explain how you would answer the application question now
  • include all information requested by the question (read the question closely to see what it requires)
  • offer any information as to why you did not disclose the information originally and what caused you to do so now
  • NOTE: in writing your request, use an appropriate level of formality for a document that will remain in your records and be provided to authorities evaluating character and fitness to practice law (for example, you may want to start a new email thread or even prepare the letter in a word document so that extraneous correspondence is not included)

Contact Melanie Kay with any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that students have asked regarding the bar application and character and fitness.

When I applied, should I have disclosed a traffic violation for which I paid a fine several years ago? 

It depends. Review your application (you can see it through to our school, particularly the wording of Question 10-4. The question answered by applicants during the 2012-2013 admissions cycle (i.e., who applied between November 2012 and summer 2013) asks if you have been "under investigation for, arrested for, charged with, or convicted of... any traffic violation", so if you were charged with or convicted of a traffic violation, you need to disclose that. If you paid a fine, you may have pled guilty, which is considered a conviction. Now is a good time to obtain all records of the incident and determine the disposition of your situation and whether you should have disclosed it.  

When the application says to provide information for the past seven years, how do they determine when the seven years started?

Seven years from the date you submit your application.