Earning Academic Credit for Your Externship

Students may earn up to four academic credits for their externship work in a semester.  (Ordinarily four credits is the overall limit during a law school career, but three additional credits may be available under certain circumstances, as further explained in Law School Rule 24.) 

To be eligible for academic credit, a student's externship must meet the following requirements:

  • A qualified field sponsor who is a lawyer or judge
  • A minimum of fifty hours of work during the semester of enrollment for each externship credit
  • Participation in a half-day professional development seminar during the semester of externship.  Each class session is mandatory.  The dates for the class can be found under the corresponding semester's PDF syllabus on this website.
  • Submission of substantial written work authored by the student in the course of the externship. Acceptable writing pieces include:
    • compositions for your externship sponsor which are reviewed and critiqued;
    • legal memoranda and briefs which are a significant part of your work and which are reviewed by your field supervisor;
    • and a paper submitted to your faculty sponsor, the content of which is determined by mutual agreement. Interrogatories, pleadings, correspondence and nonlegal memoranda normally are not sufficient.
  • Other Externship paperwork as required by the rules