Our research is in the field of nonlinear waves, lying at the nexus of applied mathematics and physics.  Mathematically, the nonlinear waves that we investigate are solutions to nonlinear, dispersive partial differential equations.  Physically, this field has been driven by applications ranging from classical (geophysical fluid dynamics) to modern physics (nonlinear optics and quantum/condensed matter) in which wave speed depends upon the countervailing effects of wave amplitude and wavelength.  In these physical environments, coherent structures such as solitons or solitary waves, periodic waves, and dispersive shock waves (DSWs) play a decisive role in the dynamics of large amplitude excitations.  The Dispersive Hydrodynamics Lab investigates the mathematics of coherent structures and their dynamics in nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations with particular application to fluid dynamics where we develop in-house experiments to test our mathematical predictions.  Research also focuses upon nonlinear wave applications in magnetic media where a variety of coherent spin wave, solitonic, and hydrodynamic-like structures are studied.  Methods employed include mathematical modeling, analysis, asymptotics, Whitham modulation theory, numerical analysis, and in-house experiment. Whenever possible, comparisons with experiment are carried out. 

The generation of DSWs represents a universal mechanism to resolve hydrodynamic singularities in dispersive media. Physical manifestations of DSWs include undular bores on shallow water and in the atmosphere (the Morning Glory), nonlinear diffraction patterns in optics, and matter waves in ultracold atoms. Any approximately conservative, nonlinear, hydrodynamic medium exhibiting weak dispersion can develop DSWs. The mathematical description of DSWs involves a synthesis of methods from hyperbolic quasi-linear systems, asymptotics, and soliton theory. This research is currently supported by the National Science Foundation through DMS-1816934

Ferromagnetic media provide a source of rich nonlinear, dispersive phenomena with practical import. Theoretical and technological developments have stimulated the field of nanomagnetism by the introduction of spin polarized currents as a means to excite magnetization dynamics at the nanometer scale in patterned environments. Strongly nonlinear magnetic solitons were recently observed in a nanomagnetic system. This solitary wave or "droplet" joins the domain wall and magnetic vortex as a fundamental and distinct object in nanomagnetism with similar potential for fruitful science. Marrying the Lab's research on fluid dynamics with the field of magnetic materials, we have also been developing the dispersive hydrodynamic description of magnetic materials.

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Manuscripts in Review

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