Allen Alvarez LoyaHigh-Order Methods for Wave PhenomenaThe Applied Mathematics program at the University of Colorado at Boulder is as unique as its graduates. With 22 tenure track faculty, 45+ affiliated faculty, numerous national research labs located right in the foothills of Boulder, and a plethora of faculty and student lead research projects; the Applied Mathematics graduates have found success in both academia and professionally run companies and conglomerates alike. Below you can see where our graduates have gone to pursue their research interests and career goals.

Graduation Year 2022:

Name Dissertation Title Faculty Advisor First Position After Graduation
 Allen Alvarez Loya High-Order Methods for Wave Phenomena   Daniel Appelo & Stephen Becker   Los Alamos National Lab  
Daniel Ferguson   Machine Learning on Network-valued Data: The Spectral Way Francois Meyer   Microsoft
 Daniel Messenger Weak-form Sparse Identification of Differential Equations from Noisy Measurements David Bortz   Postdoc at CU Boulder  
Erin Ellefsen   Nonlocal Models with Applications in Ecology   Nancy Rodriguez Tenure-track professor at Earlham College  
 Graham O'Connor Source Localization on Infection Networks Manuel Lladser  
Kiera van der Sande   Contributions to Computational Techniques and Machine Learning for Applied Science Natasha Flyer & Bengt Fornberg Postdoc at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder
 Liam Madden First-order Methods for Online and Stochastic Optimization, and Approximate Compiling   Emiliano D'Allanese & Stephen Becker   Postdoc at the University of British Columbia  
 Lyndsey Wong Mathematical Models of Wealth Distribution Through An Amenities-Based Theory   Nancy Rodriguez   Postdoc at CU Boulder  
 Mingyu Hu Micromagnetic modeling and waves in magnetic materials   Mark Hoefer Engineer at Mathworks  
 Nicholas Landry Contagion on Complex Systems: Structure and Dynamics   Juan Restrepo   Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Vermont  
Richard Clancy   Mathematical Formulations with Uncertain Data in Optimization and Inverse Problems   Stephen Becker   Principal Mathematician at Northrop Grumman
Samuel Ryskamp   Line Soliton Interactions and Dispersive Magnetoelastic Waves   Mark Hoefer   Predictive Modeler at Auto Owners Insurance
 Subekshya Bidari Models of Foraging Decisions in Social Animal Groups Zachary Kilpatrick   Postdoc at Columbia University  

Graduation Year 2021:

Name Dissertation Title Faculty Advisor First Position After Graduation
Sabina Altus Analysis of multi-structured population models David Bortz Postdoctoral Fellow, CU
Zofia Stanley Applications of Mathematics to Climate Modeling: Analysis and Development of Ocean Parameterization and Multivariate Localization Functions Ian Grooms/William Kleiber Research Scientist, CIRES/NOAA PSL
Osman Asif Malik Topics in Matrix and Tensor Computation Stephen Becker Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
David Gunderman Discretization and Numerical Integration Schemes for Curved Geometries John Evans/Bengt Fornberg Gilbreth Postdoctoral Fellow, Purdue University
Lucia Minah Yang Numerical Analysis of Mixed Precision Algorithms and Time-steppers for Wave Turbulence, and Generative Modeling for Analogs in Data Assimilation Ian Grooms Postdoctoral Doctoral Fellow, NYU
Jeremy L Thompson Local Fourier Analysis of Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Methods for High-Order Matrix-Free Finite Elements Jed Brown Research Software Engineer, CU Boulder, PSAAP Center
Fortino Garcia Numerical Methods for Wave Phenomena Daniel Appelo/Adrianna Gillman Postdoctoral Fellow, Courant Institute, NYU
Erik Johnson Measuring image resolution in super-resolution microscopy and Bayesian estimation of population size and overlap and vaccine effectiveness Daniel Larremore Bioinformatics Scientist, Invitae
Alec Michael Dunton Matrix Methods for Low-Rank Compresssion in Large-Scale Applications Alireza Doostan Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Joy N. Mueller Prefect Simulated and Exact Analytic Solutions for Chemical Reaction Networks and A Level Set Inspired Image Segmentation Algorithm Jem Corcoran Postdoctoral Fellow, Sandia National Laboratory

Graduation Year 2020:

Name Dissertation Title Faculty Advisor First Position After Graduation
Hao Xu Qualitative Analysis of Some Elliptic Differential Equations Congming Li Yinnuo Captial
Zhishen Huang Topics of Statistical Machine Learning Stephen Becker Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan State University
Mitchell Krock Some Models for Large Spatial Data William Kleiber Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers
Harry Dudley Dynamical System Analysis and Data-Drive Model Selection for Differential-Algebraic Equation Models of Microbial Electrolysis David Bortz University of Colorado Boulder
Ashton Wiens Using Gaussian processes for registration and nonstationarity emulation William Kleiber USGS
Wenqi Zhang Statistical Approaches to Assess High Frequency Variability of Solar Irradiance William Kleiber National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dylan Abrahamsen Space-time evolution with readial basis functions and Hermite-based finite difference methods Bengt Fornberg Maxar Technologies
Peter Shaffery Understanding the Variance Reduction Effect and Beyesian Structural Time Series for Behind-the-Meter Disaggregation Vanja Dukic Data Scientist, Office of Data Analytics at the University of Colorado Boulder
Jacqueline Wentz Spatial-temporal effects of diffusion in complex biochemical networks David Bortz Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder, Aerospace
Antony Pearson On Hidden Structures in Contaminated Symbolic Data Manuel Lladser Postdoctoral Fellow, Auburn University, Mathematics and Statistics
Joshua Aurand Optimal Control of Epstein-Zin Utility on Random Time Horizaon Yu-Jui Huang Postdoctoral Fellow, Dublin City University, The School of Mathematical Sciences

Graduation Year 2019:

Name Dissertation Title Faculty Advisor First Position After Graduation
Gregor Robinson Beating the curse of dimensionality of sequential Monte Carlo for Bayesian inverse problems in nonlinear fluids Ian Grooms Citrine Informatics
Sama Shrestha Mathematical and Statistical Insights into Couples Epizootic Dynamics Vanja Dukic Pharmapace Inc
Jessica Gronski Non-Convex Optimization and Applications to Bilinear Programming and Super-Resolution Imaging Stephen Becker UnitedHealth Group
Eric Kightley Sparsified Gaussian Mixture Models Stephen Becker Amazon
Patrick Sprenger Generalized Riemann Problems in Dispersive Hydrodynamics Mark Hoefer Postdoctoral Fellow, NC State University, Mathematics Department
Nathan Heavner Building Rank-Revealing Factorizations with Randomization Per Gunnar Martinsson Data Science at ICR, Inc.
Michelle Maiden Dispersive Hydrodynamics is Viscous Fluid Conduits Mark Hoefer Sporian Microsystems
Tracy Babb Accelerated time-stepping of parabolic and hyperbolic PDEs via fast direct solvers for elliptic problems Per Gunnar Martinsson  
Anna Broido Describing the Tails of Degree Distributions in Real-World Networkds Aaron Clauset and Juan Restrepo Machine Learning Engineer at Apple Inc.

Companies Academia
NCAR Metro State
Software Architect at Spectra Clarkson University
National Security Agency Georgia Institute of Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory University of Washington
Bioninformatics Davidson College
Food and Water Watch Fitchburg State University
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Montclair State University
Scientist at MetOffice in UK Austr. National University
Ubiquity Corp Washington State University
Digital Globe University of Western Montana
Prudential Seattle University
Cadence Design System Boise State
Exxon Mobil University of Illinois at Champagne Urbana
Yahoo! Labs Technische Universitat Wein
Aerospace Corporation University of Newfoundland
Groupon Wabash College
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory National Central University
SpotRight Inc Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Center for Communicable Disease Yonsei University of Seoul, Korea
National Institute of Standards and Technology Pennsylvania University
Seagate Technology Colorado State University
Walt Disney Company Morehouse College