The Department of Applied Mathematics (APPM) at the University of Colorado-Boulder is special. Our students are particularly strong and each year they go on to excellent graduate schools and take positions in a remarkably wide range of companies and laboratories.

The faculty is remarkable; they teach a broad spectrum of courses and carry on research in many fields including computational math, nonlinear dynamics, partial differential equations, probability and statistics with applications ranging from biology, fluid dynamics, geophysics, optics to theoretical physics.

The Department has 21 tenured or tenure track faculty, 10 full-time instructors and 70 graduate students. Additionally we have 39 affiliated faculty from campus wide departments and research institutes; affiliated faculty can direct graduate student Ph.D. theses with a co-advisor from  APPM. The department trains its students in the methods and strategies required to be able to solve real world problems. It never ceases to surprise us even as experts that mathematics is so useful.  We believe that the question is not whether mathematics will be applied, it is only when and where.

The Department of Applied Mathematics is one of the leading departments of applied mathematics in the world. In fact in a recent National Research Ranking our Department was ranked amongst the top ten in many measures.

Our faculty have won numerous prestigious awards including: four being named fellows of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, two being named fellows of the American Mathematical Society, two being named fellows of the American Physical Society, two Guggenheim Fellows, American Statistical Association Fellow, Sloan Fellow. At CU: Distinguished Professor, and at CU-Boulder: Hazel Barnes Prize, Professor of Distinction, winners of numerous CU-Boulder faculty awards, and two distinguished research lecturers.