Description: The RESCUE team will design a sensor system which will give ground based robots, such as the MARBLE team’s Clearpath Husky, the capability of visually sensing the entire environment within 3 meters of the robot regardless of the obstacles that it faces. This capability will provide the University of Colorado’s MARBLE team’s entry in the DARPA Subterranean (SubT) challenge an edge over airborne drones in a vast majority of subterranean missions whether that be the DARPA Subterranean challenge or military and/or emergency applications.

Sponsor: Eric Frew

Advisor: Kathryn Wingate

PM: Seth Krein

Team Roster: Abdulla Alameri, Ryan Hughes, Seth Krein, Alex Kryuchkov, Michael Martinson, Riley Swift, Johnathan Tucker, Frederick Vurst, Evan Welch, Jack Zeildik

Project Files: