Renderings of the SWARM-EX satellite.

Building a satellite swarm to investigate an atmospheric anomaly

Scott Palo is leading a multi-university effort to unlock a scientific mystery in near-Earth space. He is leading a team that has earned a $4 million, four-year grant from the National Science Foundation's Ideas Lab to design and build three CubeSat nanosatellites to investigate the...
Richard Murray
Distinguished Speaker Series: Specification, Design, and Verification of Safety-Critical Systems - Oct. 25
Plane flying toward a sunset.
Space weather aviation forecasting on a global scale
James Nabity
Seminar - Keeping the Crew Alive & Healthy: Ionic Liquids for Atmosphere Revitalization and In Situ Resource Utilization - Oct. 16
Axelrad at NAE.
Axelrad inducted into National Academy of Engineering