Spacewalking astronauts

Special Event: Lessons from human spaceflight for pandemic wellness - Nov. 18

Special Zoom Lecture, Astronaut Panel & Workshop Wednesday, Nov. 18, 5:30-7:00 p.m. Pre-Registration Required Register Now Three mini sessions, 30 minutes each. “Houston, we’re solving problems.” Lecture: Astronauts experience isolation and confinement during missions, but also significant personal stressors before and after spaceflight. We will cover lessons from life in...

Alireza Doostan
Seminar: Uncertainty Quantification and Data Management in Complex System Modeling: A Multi-fidelity Approach - Nov. 13
Hisham Ali
Seminar: Magnetohydrodynamics and Planetary Entry - Nov. 6
A NASA astronaut conducting work aboard ISS.
20 Years Focusing on the Commercial Development of Space
Rendering of cars
NSF grants aim to improve security and safety of autonomous cars and systems