Autonomous Systems (AUT)  interact with human partners for extended periods of time, sometimes at remote distances and promise improved safety, reliability, efficiency, adaptability, resiliency, usability, affordability, and previously unattainable capabilities. Activities in the Autonomous Systems Focus Area draw from a variety of disciplines including robotics, human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, unmanned systems, formal methods, and estimation and control theory.

Autonomous Systems Faculty

MS Requirements

To earn an MS in the Autonomous Systems focus area, you must successfully complete one course each from three of the five topic areas below:

Control Theory

  •   ASEN 5014 Linear Control Systems
  •   ASEN 6024 Nonlinear Systems

Estimation and Sensor Fusion

  •    ASEN 5044 Statistical Estimation for Dynamical Systems

Dynamics and Modelling of Vehicles

  •   ASEN 6519 System Identification
  •   ASEN 5519 Small UAS Dynamics and Control

Autonomous Decision-Making

  •   ASEN 5519 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  •   ASEN 5519 Algorithmic Motion Planning

Programming for Embedded Systems

  •   ASEN 5519 Microavionics
  •   MCEN 5115 Mechatronics and Robotics
  •   ECEN 5613 Embedded System Design
  •   ECEN 5813 Principles of Embedded Software
  •   CSCI 5302 Advanced Robotics

Note: For the purposes of the AES Preliminary Exam and other AES department policies, any course listed above is considered in the AUT Focus Area and cannot be used to satisfy an out of Focus Area requirement.

Satisfaction of the AUT MS course requirements above plus two additional courses from any of the topic areas.

Satisfaction of the AUT Specific MS Requirements.

Elective Courses offered by Focus Area:

ASEN 5519     Multi-Object Filtering Theory
ASEN 6519    Cooperative Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems
ASEN 6519    Model-Based Parameter & State Estimation
ASEN 6519    Hybrid Control Systems

Example Elective Courses offered outside Focus Area:

CS Machine Learning
ECEE Multi-agent Control
CS Convex Optimization
ECEE Sampled Data Systems
CS Computer Vision
ME Robust, Multivariable Control