The Aerospace Engineering Sciences undergraduate program is designed to provide you with the fundamentals of both aerospace engineering and science while simultaneously preparing you for successful careers in the aerospace industry.

Our educational objectives include assisting you in:

  • Establishing yourself in a rewarding professional career or earning a subsequent graduate degree;
  • Demonstrating ethical leadership, strong project management skills, and innovative engineering technology research and development;
  • Playing significant roles in the research and development of engineering systems and products.

In the following pages, you’ll find information on academic requirements, job opportunities, student organizations, and many other important topics that will enhance your educational experience. 


Engineering Days Rocket Launch

Engineering days are set to celebrate the engineering profession by giving students the chance to apply their engineering skills in fun, exciting, and creative ways.

TEDx Talk 2015

AES PhD student Ryan McGranghan gave a TEDxCU Talk on Space Weather.

2015 Space Symposium

At the Space Symposium (April 13-16), Chris Nie and Alex Gibson (AES) performed at Open Mic Night, which was hosted by Bill Nye, the Science Guy

Aerospace Day at the Capitol

See footage from Aerospace Day at the Capitol - Denver, CO

TEDx Talk 2014

AES PhD student Matthieu Talpe gave a TEDx Talk in 2014 on his research into the geophysical processes of Earth, especially as viewed through gravity changes that indicate climate change.