Your Degree, Your Way

The Master of Science degree in Data Science is offered both online and in person at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

MS-DS on Coursera 

This 100% online degree is offered through an innovative partnership between CU Boulder and Coursera and includes performance-based admissions, flexible 8-week terms, and self-paced courses. Students are led by the same award-winning faculty teaching on campus and receive the same diploma as students attending in person.

Learn more about the fully online MS-DS on Coursera.

MS-DS on Campus

Come learn data science on CU Boulder's beautiful campus at the base of the Flatirons. The on-campus degree uses the same rigorous curriculum as the online degree and includes semester-based terms and more direct interaction with peers and faculty. The in-person program is STEM eligible, offering an Optional Practical Training STEM Extension benefit.

Learn more about the MS-DS on Campus.