Sponsor Capstone Project

Capstone projects are academic semester-long experiences for students nearing graduation. Student teams complete a substantial data science project that solidifies knowledge gained in the classroom and equips them for success in the following phase of their careers.

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Share Opportunities for Data Science Students

Do you have a job, internship, research project, or event that you think our data science students would be interested in? Submit it to the Data Science Opportunities mailing list to reach our students. Simply email ds-opportunities@lists.colorado.edu with the details and our moderators will review your message before approving it for distribution.

Helpful information to include:

  • Your name and/or the name of the company
  • When to apply by
  • Where to apply to, and any instructions necessary 
  • A contact for students to reach out to
  • What skills are required
  • If it is a paid or unpaid opportunity

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