CU Boulder Career Services uses Handshake, a modern platform for college recruiting. Handshake is a career management system on which employers can post jobs, request on-campus interviews, register for events and network with CU Boulder students and alumni.

To get started on Handshake, create your employer account.

New Users

  1. Go to and select Sign Up for an Account.
  2. Select the Employer account type from the options presented.
  3. Fill out the information requested then click Sign Up.
  4. Enter your recruiting interests and alma mater to help us better understand how you'll use Handshake, then click Continue.
  5. Read the Employer Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  6. If you are a third-party recruiter, select Yes, then review and agree to Handshake’s third-party recruiter policy to move forward. If you are not a third-party recruiter, select No, then, click Continue.
  7. Next, you will see a screen that contains instructions on how to verify your account via the email address you provided. The email should arrive within 10 minutes and will contain a link enabling you to confirm your account. You must click this link before you can proceed with the registration process. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, see the steps outlined in the Troubleshooting a missing conformation email article.
  8. When the email arrives, click the Confirm Email button to verify your account.
  9. When you click Confirm Email in your confirmation email, you will be brought back to Handshake. If your company already exists in our system, you’ll see it listed at the top of the page. You can click Join to connect with that company.
  10. If you do not see the right company, or if no company pre-populates, you can use the search bar to find your company. If your company does not exist, you can click the Create New Company button. Read the How do I create a company profile? article to learn more about completing your company profile in Handshake. 
    1. If your company is not listed and you think that an additional account should be opened for your domain you should reach out to to discuss opening an additional Handshake account. 
  11. Next, you will want to choose schools to connect to. Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down schools by rank, size and location. To request to connect with an individual school, click the button in the corner of the school logo. If you are interested in connecting with all schools in the Handshake network you can click Select All in the top right corner of the screen. 

If you are not automatically connected with your company, you will see that your account is pending. To learn more about being in a pending status at your company, read the What does it mean to be “pending” at a school? article.

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  1. Login to your Handshake account.
  2. Select Post a Job from your employer dashboard.
  3. Fill in the basic information for the job position.
  4. Select Next and fill in the job details.
    1. Specify the job functions.
    2. Add the salary.
    3. Your location auto-populates based on the location of your headquarters, but you can change it to a city and state if you want to leave it generic.
    4. If you can sponsor students or hire CPT/OPT candidates, select all that apply.
    5. Select all the required documents.
  5. Select Next and input your preferences for the position.
    1. Input graduation range or choose to qualify students based on their school year.
    2. Add minimum GPA, if applicable.
    3. Select the majors that are relevant to this position.
    4. Select your applicant packages and how you’d like to receive notification.
    5. Select Next to add the schools you want to post your job to:
      1. Select the schools where you would like your position posted to.
      2. Choose an expiration date for when the position is closed.
      3. Check each box if you are doing on-campus interviews.
    6. Select Create and review your posting.

NOTE: Once you add a job or make changes to a current job, the information will be reviewed by a Career Services employee before it is posted.

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Registration for our fall 2023 events will open in July. 

Please contact Molly Bandimere for questions.

  1. Click the Request Interview Schedule tab on your employer dashboard.
  2. Fill out the basics section of the form:
    1. School: The school where you are requesting the interview schedule. Note: You will only be able to choose from schools at which you’ve been approved and those schools must be in their interview period. If you’d like to interview at a school that does not appear in your drop-down list of available schools, read the Requesting, adding and removing schools article to learn more about how to get approved at additional schools.
    2. Contacts: The interviewers from your company who will be present for the interviews. Note: You’re welcome to include staff members at your company who do not have a Handshake profile.
    3. Description: Describe the interview. Provide any information students might use to prepare for the interview including the format, the number of interviewers that will be present, etc. If you’ll administer a skills test or if you’d like the student to bring work samples to the interview, share that information here.
  3. Click Timeline from the steps at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the date you are interested in interviewing on campus. You will then be asked how many rooms you would like to reserve on that day. Note: There may be a limit set on the number of rooms you can request, and which dates are available for interviews. If you have any questions about availability you can contact the Career Services office. 
  5. Select the time slots you would like to interview students in. These are time slots that are accepted at the university you are interviewing at.
  6. Once you have selected your interview date, interview timeline and interview slot template you can move to the next step.
  7. Job: Choose the job you would like to attach to this interview schedule.
    1. Create a New Job: Use this option to create a new job and new details, requirements and qualifications.
    2. Copy Job Details: Copy job details from an existing job. This will create a new job posting and will not import any job applicants.
    3. Use Existing Job: Use this option to attach an existing job and its current applicants to the interview schedule. 
  8. If you are not ready to post a position you can click Remind Me Later, this option will send you an email four days before the Apply Start Date reminding you to post a position and attach it to the schedule.
  9. When you are ready to move on select Review from the bottom tabs.
  10. Review your interview dates and details and go back to any steps you would like to edit.
  11. Select Request.
  12. Your interview schedule will now be sent to the university you selected in the Basics section. Depending on the permissions you have at the school, the interview will be automatically approved or it will go into a pending status at the university. You will be notified when your schedule has been approved or declined. To learn more about the roles a school can assign, read the How can I get approval by schools? article.

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