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Anatomy diagram showing blood vessels

3D bioprinting technique developed at CU could create artificial blood vessels

CU Boulder engineers have developed a 3D printing technique that allows for localized control of an object’s firmness, opening up new biomedical avenues that could one day include artificial arteries and organ tissue. Read more
Microscope with green background

Research funding increases 30 percent in the College of Engineering and Applied Science

Research funding in the College of Engineering and Applied Science reached $105 million overall in fiscal year 2018. That is the highest total ever for the college. Read more
Oil well and storage tanks in a field

Broad energy and environment study led by CU Boulder ends with significant findings

The $12 million AirWaterGas project was funded by the National Science Foundation to study the environmental, economic, and social tradeoffs of oil and gas development and their relation to public policies and regulations. Read more