Engineers at CU Boulder are investigating whether improving classroom air quality with air purifiers can help students miss fewer school days.

The study comes at a time when millions of students across the country are chronically absent from school, a worsening trend that could have large impacts on students’ academic performance. 

University of Colorado Boulder researchers are advancing water resource management in the South Caucasus through a partnership with Deloitte Consulting.

PhD student Shelby Buckley has made the research trip of a lifetime – studying the impacts of climate change up close and personal on a five-week trip to the Arctic aboard the Kronprins Haakon icebreaking ship.

It offered a unique chance to personally collect ice core and seawater samples and experience the excitement and fears of life on top of the world.

In 2021, a quick-moving, grass-fueled wildfire in suburban Boulder County burned 6,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.

The Marshall Fire also spurred researchers to apply their expertise to the aftermath. One year later, dozens of ongoing research projects explore the science behind what happened and how we can mitigate future catastrophes amid a changing climate.

When gas leaks into and contaminates a household water well near an oil and gas drilling site, there is always a question of where it came from. Is it from a failure in the drilling or was the gas migrating naturally?

New research by a team led by a CU Boulder graduate could help definitively answer that question.