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Justin Pedersen, SPUR summer research program participant

Undergrad works on small satellites through paid summer research program

Justin Pedersen, a senior majoring in aerospace engineering, participated in the program in the summer of 2022 through Professor Penny Axelrad’s group. He researched timing systems for small satellites through the program, a topic that is of interest to the private sector, and military and scientific groups working with satellites. Read more

New grasshopper-like material can leap 200 times its own thickness

Engineers at CU Boulder have designed a new, rubber-like film that can leap high into the air like a grasshopper—all on its own and without needing outside intervention. Read more
An eye with an overlay of illustrated circuits and computer code

Not-so-private eyes: Eye movements hold clues to how we make decisions

The new findings offer researchers a rare opportunity in neuroscience: the chance to observe the inner workings of the human brain from the outside. Doctors could also potentially use the results to, one day, screen their patients for illnesses like depression or Parkinson’s Disease. Read more