The Engineering Management Program prepares engineers, applied scientists, and technical professionals for career advancement in business leadership and management. From undergraduate to graduate-level programs, our focus is to help students at all levels achieve their career objectives and succeed in technical and engineering fields. The Engineering Management Program (EMP) is flexible to best fit your needs. We offer programs for graduate, undergraduate, and certificate-level students, both on campus and online.

The Engineering Management Program (EMP) aligns with the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s commitment “to fostering a diverse, inclusive and academically excellent community." The EMP strives to grow and nurture leaders in the fields of engineering and technical sciences by instilling the values of building diversity, inclusion and equity. These values extend beyond the classroom and into the workplace as our students apply the skills they learn throughout our program. We are dedicated to creating an environment where all students, faculty and staff feel welcome, valued and engaged no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, identity or personal and professional experiences.