The Engineering Entrepreneurship minor equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively contribute to an entrepreneurial venture as a start-up or with a larger enterprise. The minor provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills while introducing students to innovation management, creative development and the overall entrepreneurial process.


  • Total Credits Required:  15 
  • Required Courses (6 credits, 2 courses) 
  • Elective Courses (9 credits, 3 courses)

    *Three elective credits can come from the approved "accepted elective substitutions" list below.

    (*can satisfy up to 3 credit hours)

    • ASEN 5519: Selected Topics (Designing for Defense) 1,3
    • ATLS 2002: Design Technologies: Process
    • ATLS 3519: Special Topics in Technology, Arts, and Media (Design for Change)
    • COEN 5830: Selected Topics (Designing for Defense) 1,3
    • CSCI 4348/4358: Startup Essentials:  Entrepreneurial Projects in Computing 2
    • CSCI 7000: Current Topics in Computer Science (Designing for Defense) 1,3
    • CYBR 5830: Special Topics (Intro to Blockchain)
    • GEEN 2400: Engineering Projects for the Community
    • GEEN 3400: Invention and Innovation
    • ECEN 4610/4620: Capstone Laboratory Part 1 (Entreprenseurship Track) 2
    • MCEN 4228: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering (Design for Community)
    • MCEN 4045/4085: Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1 2
    • MCEN 5830: Designing for Defense 1, 3

    Designing for Defense is a cross-listed course. Students can only count it once towards the minor.

    2 A student may only count 3 credit hours from an Entrepreneurship Capstone offered within their major.

    3 This graduate-level course is open to undergraduate enrollment.

    Undergraduate Minor Requirements 

    • The minors are open to all undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science who are in good standing.
    • To add a minor to your record (and degree audit), please work with your major advisor to submit this request. 
    • A cumulative GPA of 2.250 or better is required for courses used to satisfy the requirements of this minor. 
    • Each individual course that is counted towards a minor degree must be passed with a D- grade or better.  Note, however, that a C- or better is required in all prerequisite courses to move on to a subsequent course.  
    • Prior coursework may be transferred from other institutions with approval.  At least three courses must be taken at CU Boulder. 
    • After completion of the requirements, the undergraduate minors will be listed on the student's transcript at the time of graduation along with the student's engineering degree.