Engineering solutions to drive the economy, security, and quality of life of our state and nation

Established in June 2017

Full Strategic Vision Document  Strategic Vision Infographic

Building on progress made in the past decade and guided by the University of Colorado Boulder’s strategic emphasis on leadership, innovation and positive impact, the College of Engineering and Applied Science plans to transform its mission to focus on societal impact; engineer solutions for major state, national and global challenges; grow its national leadership role in engineering education and research; and improve the economic competitiveness, security and quality of life for all Coloradans.

Over the next five years, through dedicated efforts by our community of faculty, staff and students, the college seeks to:

  • Accelerate our research impact
  • Embrace our public education mission
  • Increase our global engagement
  • Enrich our professional environment

We will make these advancements in collaboration with alumni and campus stakeholders and through expanded partnerships with industry and government, both state and federal. Doing so, the college will become a central aspect of the University of Colorado’s brand and enable its departments to achieve even greater heights. Upon achieving these strategic goals, the College of Engineering and Applied Science shall emerge as a top 10 public engineering institution.