Performance-based admissions

Enroll right away into a series of 3 one-credit pathway courses with a focus on either statistics or computer science. Complete your pathway with a GPA of 3.0 or better to be admitted to the program, all while making direct progress toward your degree. No transcripts or applications are required.

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The MS-DS is a non-thesis degree that requires 30 credit hours of coursework. You must complete 21 credits of core coursework in statistics, computer science, and general core concepts as well as 9 credits of elective coursework. You will also participate in practical, hands-on projects that utilize cloud-based programming environments and Jupyter Notebooks. Coursework includes access to real-world big data sets to prepare you for your future career.

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Preview courses with non-credit options

Learners may enroll in the non-credit versions of the MS-DS curriculum, allowing you to preview courses before committing to the degree program. You may upgrade from non-credit to for-credit at any time during your learning journey. Additional material and assessments must be completed to earn credit; this material is only available after you pay tuition.

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