The MS-DS is an online data science master's degree designed to prepare the next generation of data scientists to successfully work and collaborate with others across a variety of scientific, business, and other fields.

Academic Overview

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the extraction of knowledge and insight from large datasets. Data scientists are tasked with using a range of skills in applied mathematics and statistics, computer science, and applications.

The MS-DS provides learners with a strong foundation in acquiring, cleaning, and managing data. You will learn to analyze large datasets using data mining and machine learning techniques. You will also design, conduct, and run statistical experiments and models; draw rational conclusions from data using probability theory and statistics; and more.

As a graduate of the MS-DS program, you will be well-prepared to apply data science skills to a specific domain area. You will be able to clearly communicate the results of a data science analysis to a non-technical audience; structure effective meetings and projects using collaboration skills; and act ethically in the role of professional data scientist.

Learner Journey Overview


You will complete 21 credits of core coursework in statistics, computer science, and foundational concepts as well as 9 credits of elective coursework. You may complete courses in any order, but we suggest following one of our recommended learner journeys below.