Program Cost

The MS-DS on Coursera is $525 per credit hour. The program requires 30 credit hours of coursework, so the total program cost is $15,750. Because this program is 100% online, the tuition is the same for all students regardless of residency status.

Tuition is due in full at the time of enrollment. See the Bursar's Degrees on Coursera page for details about payment methods, refund policies, etc.

Financing Your Degree

  • U.S. federal student aid: This program is not currently eligible for financial aid provided through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Scholarships: CU Boulder does not currently offer scholarships for this program. However, you can search for private scholarships and improve your chances of success with our tips to apply
  • Student loans: Private loans may be an option for you. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions. Note that enrollment in this program will not affect your existing federal student loans (i.e., you will not be able to defer your loans based on half-time or full-time enrollment status).
  • Employer tuition assistance: Many employers value the skills this program provides. Check directly with your employer to see if they have a "tuition assistance" or "tuition reimbursement" program, where your employer helps pay your tuition. 
  • V.A. education benefits: This program is currently not eligible for education benefits offered through Veteran’s Affairs (VA), including the GI Bill, VEAP, DEA, etc.
  • Tax benefits: Consult a tax advisor to determine which credits and deductions might apply to you. Learn more about tax credits, deductions and other benefits.