Private scholarships are provided by organizations unaffiliated with CU Boulder such as community foundations, civic organizations, your local high school, national groups, family foundations, businesses and others. For these scholarships, you will apply directly to the sponsoring organization. CU Boulder encourages students to apply for privately-funded scholarships.

Finding Private Scholarships

Search Websites & Resources 

Several websites maintain databases of private scholarships making it easier to find ones that match your strengths. Deadlines vary; the majority of deadlines will fall between early November and mid-July.

Tips for Effective Searches

Maximize your chances of winning a scholarship with these tips.

Beware of Scams

Scholarship Services does not endorse any private scholarship or website listed on our webpages. We provide this information to you as a resource; exercise your best judgment in researching scholarship opportunities.

Finalizing Private Scholarships

Sending your Private Scholarship

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship! Drop off or send in your private scholarship checks. Learn where to have your scholarship check sent.

CU Boulder Scholarship Partners

Scholarship Services can assist you with completing forms and receiving funds from our scholarship partners such as CollegeInvest, the Gates Millennium Foundation, and Colorado-based Foundations.

Releasing Information to Donors

If your scholarship requires you to provide your donor with information, learn how to release that information.