For questions about automatic consideration scholarships and awarding, please start by visiting the Automatic Consideration for First-Time Freshmen Announcement page.

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View dates, deadlines, and details on how to complete the CU Boulder Scholarship Application.

We put items in your to-do list to ensure that your scholarship is applied to your tuition and fee bill in a timely manner. Forms, resources and more information is available on our website.

For automatic consideration scholarships, you will be notified if you received a scholarship with your mailed admission decision.  Students who submit a complete admissions application (including test scores, transcripts, essays, and application fee) on or before November 15 will receive an admission decision no later than February 1. Students who apply by January 15 can expect a decision on or before April 1. Applications are processed in the order in which they are completed.

If your scholarship is not listed, please include the name of the scholarship with your question.

Learn how and when scholarships pay toward your university bill on our Scholarships & the Bill webpage.

Read how to send in your private scholarship check and report it in Buff Portal.

Your scholarship may or may not be available for you to use after you have withdrawn from a semester. For CU Boulder scholarships, check our website for each scholarships’ withdrawal policy.