One of the most important decisions for enrolling in advanced education is how to fund your studies. This section provides information on potential financial aid opportunities for students enrolled the Masters of the Environment (MENV) Graduate Program. 

MENV is a 48-credit hour program. The default program length is 21 months. As a part of your Capstone Project, you are required to work 300 hours over the summer, resulting in a portion of tuition being paid at this time. An example of credit hour breakdown is as follows:  


FALL 20xx



FALL 20xx



13 Credits 

Core Course (3cr)

Specialization Course 1 (3cr)

Specialization Course 2(3cr)

Elective Course (3cr)

Capstone Innovation Lab 1 (1cr)

11 or 14 Credits

Specialization Course 3(3cr)

Elective Course (3cr)

Elective Course (3cr)

Capstone Innovation Lab 2 (2cr) 

(optional Elective Course (3cr))

Capstone (5 cr) 

10 Credits 

Elective Course (3cr) 

Elective Course (3cr) 

Specialization Course 4 (3cr) 

Capstone Innovation Lab 3 (1cr) 

Depending on what you took in previous Spring

6 or 9 Credits 

(example: If you took 14 in your first spring,

you would take 6 in this spring semester) 

Students hiking to Royal ArchCOST 

Tuition cost for the MENV program is determined by your residency. Use the buttons below to see MENV tuition and fee rates: 

$56,959 (including tuition, fees and books) for 48 credits. This number does NOT include rent, groceries, etc.

Learn more about In-State Tuition  

$77,983 (including tuition, fees and books) for 48 credits. This number does NOT include rent, groceries, etc.

Learn more about Out-of-State and International Tuition

Please be aware students may be responsible for the other costs associated with the program such as textbooks, course materials, and incidental fees (e.g., graduation fee). 

Note: If you are interested in petitioning for Colorado Residency, click here to ensure you are eligible. 

Funding Your Education