The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) specialization will train students to approach key food system challenges critically and innovatively. The specialization will define food systems holistically, to include all stages of the food supply chain: from agriculture and production, through processing, transportation, retail, consumption, and waste; and including the diversity of private sector, NGO, research, and government agencies that aim to influence the sustainability of these systems. Students will learn how to think about food and the environment from a systems perspective; to understand the interactions between science, policy, and ethics; and to understand the trade-offs and synergies between different objectives, solutions, and outcomes.

Students graduating from this track will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in improving the sustainability of food systems, and might pursue careers in the private sector, government, or a non-profit organization, in the US or internationally. Colorado’s Front Range is rapidly cementing its reputation as a global leader in sustainable food system innovation, and students will benefit from frequent, direct access to leading locally-based food system entrepreneurs and thinkers.