Taber Ward

Taber Ward, J.D., serves as the interim Capstone Lead and CIL 2 instructor for the MENV program.  Taber has worked with CU-Boulder for the past five years, teaching Social Innovation Execution in the Sociology Department, and serving as a Capstone Advisor for CU-MENV program. Taber’s process areas of expertise include project management, convening and facilitation, and conflict resolution. She has substantive knowledge in healthy food policy and land conservation, community transportation planning, and education systems change. In addition to her Capstone role at MENV, she is an instructor for the U.S. Food Policy course, and a Program Officer at the Donnell-Kay Foundation. Taber is drawn to experiential education opportunities, the development of intergenerational connections, bike-community, and goats.

Previously, Taber was a Vice President and Senior Program Manager at CDR Associates, an attorney for Colorado Department for Public Health and Environment, a member of the Healthy Food for Denver Kids Commission, and also founded and directed an urban goat dairy and non-profit education center in Boulder, CO. Taber holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Geography from McGill University and a law degree from CU-Boulder. She grew up in upstate New York and has been in Colorado since 2009.