The nation stands on the precipice of some of the greatest natural resource and environmental threats since the dawn of the modern environmental movement. These challenges range from climate change to shrinking budgets, from water quality degradation to debates over governance, and from chronic environmental public health risks to policy debates. How will these problems be resolved? Who will lead the charge? What common ground can be found?

The MENV Environmental and Natural Resources Policy (ENRP) specialization prepares its students to engage on these very questions and issues. Students learn how to identify and apply the best processes and tools to solve environmental and natural resources problems using a combination of theory, case studies, and practice.

Students graduating from the Environmental and Natural Resources Policy track will be prepared to work in the organizations and institutions that are central to the natural resource and sustainability debates of today. These careers might include natural resources or environmental management with a government agency, sustainability planning for a corporation, or advocacy for a non-governmental organization.