What is a Dual Specialization?

Students listening to instructor in southern CO field seminar. Deepen your knowledge and career options with the MENV Dual Specialization Program. This program allows you to officially focus on two distinct areas within the MENV program while expanding your professional network through social and industry events. Get recognized on your transcript for your achievements in both specializations.

Participating In and Completing the Program

Students must be in good standing in MENV to petition to Dual Specialize. As a Dual Specialization student, you'll choose a primary specialization where you'll complete all core courses and have dedicated advisor support. You'll then select a secondary specialization and complete any three courses (core or elective) within that area. You can petition for the program anytime from your first semester to graduation application. There's no penalty for non-completion meaning if you don't finish the program requirements by graduation, you'll still receive your primary specialization on your transcript.

As a Dual Specialization student, you'll gain access to all events and communications from both your primary and secondary specializations. Below is a break down of the what students get from their primary and seconary specializations. 

Specialization Lead Coursework Social & Professional

All current roles – advising, administration, etc.

4 Core Courses

All Communications/Events


Available for advising

Any 3 Core/Elective Courses (No Subs)

All Communications/Events

If you are interested in participating, you can contact Teaching Assistant Professor Gregor MacGregor who is the Dual Specialization Program Manager, or Brendan Park, MENV Academic Advisor.