What is a Pathway?Students working in a group.

A pathway is a suite of courses that provides students with recommended skills, knowledge, and tools for a specific industry or career. This is not a specialization. Pathways can help students upon graduation when applying for jobs by calling attention to the relevant coursework they have undertaken in this space.

MENV now offers a Corporate Sustainability Pathway (CSP). Corporate sustainability refers to a business approach that seeks to create long-term value for both the company and its partners while considering economic, social, and environmental factors. It involves integrating sustainability principles into the organization's strategy, operations, and decision-making processes. The goal is to balance economic success with social and environmental responsibility.

All students are welcome to use the CSP to take the classes that are relevant for them. There are no special prerequisites or commitments to take a certain number of classes, If people wish to state that they have completed the CSP, the should take at least 4 of the listed classes. To learn more about the CSP, please feel free to reach out to the MENV Admissions team at MENVAdmissions@colorado.edu