bluebird logoPartner: Bluebird Backcountry

Group Members: Jimmy Howe, Nicholas Horna, Katie Kimmey, Hayden Siekman

The purpose of the Bluebird Backcountry Capstone is to provide a responsible business framework upon which Bluebird can achieve an economic, environmental, and social triple bottom line. Now that Bluebird has a regular location for seasonal operations, the MENV team will provide the structure for future business operations to be monitored, assessed, and aligned to Bluebird’s ideals as well as how to communicate these principles to the public, employees, and future business partners. Data will be collected from interviews with community stakeholders and guests, local economic metrics, and other ski area sustainability strategies. Together, this will create a framework on which Bluebird can better market their novel operational concept as a sustainable outdoor recreation economic development tool for rural areas, while also serving as a more inclusive space for those who wish to participate in backcountry skiing and riding.