The MENV Urban Resilience and Sustainability (URS) specialization prepares students for careers as resilience and sustainability leaders, designing, implementing and leading resilience and sustainability policies, programs and plans, and engaging and inspiring others to work toward a bold vision of what could be but isn’t yet.

Taught by accomplished sustainability professionals and researchers, URS students will learn the theoretical frameworks and practical skills required for effective resilience and sustainability planning and management across sectors to build and lead resilient, sustainable communities and institutions. You will acquire the essential analytical and managerial tools of successful sustainability leaders, which include learning how to assess critical environmental and social policy issues, create and implement effective, equitable solutions, and engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. You will develop a deeper understanding of what is required to build and lead sustainable communities and institutions, including:

  • Climate action and resilience planning 
  • Communication, collaboration and stakeholder engagement 
  • Land conservation and rural community development
  • Smart growth and sustainable/resilient cities
  • Systems thinking, social equity and sustainable management
  • Transportation and mobility for sustainable communities
  • Water and green infrastructure

Students are required to take four required URS courses  (out of six) plus two courses from any two of the other MENV specializations (Environmental and Natural Resources Policy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Food Systems).