leeds school

MENV and the Leeds School of Business have launched the MENV/MBA dual degree. MENV's partnership with Colorado's top MBA program (and top 10 entrepreneurship program in the nation) will provide dual degree-seeking students with unparalleled learning opportunities within the living laboratory of Boulder, Denver, and the Front Range. MENV and Leeds' MBA are programs where students will form deep connections with the nationally-recognized and innovative Boulder business community and leading-edge environmental and sustainability professionals. Combined coursework will emphasize innovation, social impact, and sustainability and leverage the strengths of each program.

Program Details:

Students must apply to and be accepted to each program separately. For information about requisite standardized test scores and admissions requirements, please visit the respective MBA and MENV admissions websites.

Students are able to start either program first. Dual degree students are expected to be full-time students, and will complete 82 credit hours in total, typically over three years. Students may elect to take longer than three years, but must complete both degrees within four years.

In the recommended sequence, students will complete one year of MBA, followed by one year of MENV, and take a combination of MBA/MENV courses in their third year. Dual degree students will undertake their Capstone Project requirements during the final 18 months of their degree program.

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For more information, please contact Laura Fisher at laura.d.fisher@colorado.edu