Partner: Colorado Water Conservation Board

Group Members: Willow Cozzens, Samantha Grant, Amelia Nill, Andrew PrimoColorado water conservation board logo

The Colorado Water Plan (CWP) was created and implemented in 2015 with the help of water users across the state and acts as a road map of projected water availability, challenges, and stakeholder needs. The CWP is undergoing a multi-year update that includes new information and critical action items. Masters of the Environment (MENV) graduate students are working closely with the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) on several aspects of the update process, focusing on agricultural viability and alternative water transfer methods. Their project includes a review of Basin Implementation Plans and the CWP to assess progress on agricultural viability goals, compare other state water plans to better understand metrics used to measure progress on planning objectives, and analyze western states’ water transaction programs. The project also includes engagement with state and local agencies and stakeholders on agricultural viability goals and implementation support, as well as opportunities to represent CU Boulder and CWCB at statewide conferences and meetings. The ultimate goal of the project is to conduct a comparative analysis of state water planning efforts to inform discussions around potential metrics that could be used to measure progress on agricultural viability goals.