The following funding opportunities are available to international students:

International students are not eligible for the U.S. government aid programs (i.e., Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study). Finding financial support often requires a lot of research. Below are a few resources to aid you in this process.

Student Emergency Fund for COVID-19 Related Financial Need

The Student Emergency Fund provides direct financial assistance to students who have lost wages so they can pay bills, secure remote-learning technology, access food, access health care, and more as a result of COVID-19. Emergency funding is provided in the form of a one-time grant, which does not need to be repaid. The value of the grant will vary according to the needs of the student, but cannot exceed $2,000. Awards are allocated based on type of need.

ISSS Emergency Financial Grants for Non-COVID Related Need

Every fall and spring semester, ISSS awards limited emergency grant funds for continuing students with unexpected financial emergencies. Grant amounts vary according to available funds and demonstrated need. With a limited amount of funds, not all applicants will receive a grant.  

  1. The El Mallakh Scholarship (primarily for students from the Middle East and Africa or for students from a country designated as a low-income economy by the World Bank); and
  2. The CU Boulder Emergency Grant 

Fall 2021 Applications are now being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

At this time, ISSS is reviewing non-COVID related Emergency Grant Applications. Please see the Student Emergency Fund for COVID-related financial need.

Applicants must submit the Emergency Grant Application with required documentation by the application deadline or their application may not be considered. 

Please have all of the required documents ready to upload when you access the application. You will need to upload your resume; proof of financial hardship including a statement of financial need and current financial circumstances; a budget; and bank statements in order to complete the application