Project Mission & Goals

Established by Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano in January 2020, the CU Boulder History Project seeks to communicate to the university community CU Boulder’s rich and complicated history through multiple frames using an intersectional perspectives that demonstrate our commitment to inclusive excellence and to the deepening of our institutional memory. 

The goal of project is to provide a complete and accurate telling of CU Boulder’s history, and to draw out new and diverse stories that deepen our understanding of our community’s strengths and flaws. To accomplish this, we are embarking on a process of change through openness, transparency, collaboration, and accountability.

Committee Co-Chairs & Steering Committee Membership

Drs. William Wei, Professor of History, and Polly McLean, Associate Professor of Media Studies, will serve as the Co-Chairs for the project. The steering committee will be comprised of faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Our collective history will be presented in easily accessible and innovative ways to be determined by the committee so that students, faculty, staff, alumni and the broader Boulder/Colorado community have an appreciation and understanding of CU Boulder’s unique, dynamic history and the challenges we face as a community.


In addition to the steering committee, the project will also be supported by a resource committee comprised of faculty, staff, students, alumni across generations and city archivists (Boulder and Denver), who can provide subject matter expertise and institutional perspectives. The resource committee will also be serving as a checkpoint to guarantee that the research, workflows and project deliverables can be produced and delivered.  

Additionally, the project will be informed by archives held at CU Boulder Heritage Center and the Special Collections & Archives units at the CU Boulder Libraries.  

Project Timeline

Project work will begin in February 2021. The steering committee will meet monthly and is anticipating continued work through spring of 2023.