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A protester holds a stop the steal sign

Republicans lost faith in 2020 election results. Fox News played pivotal role

A new CU Boulder study shows that in the days following the 2020 presidential election, Republicans grew increasingly doubtful that the vote count was legitimate. Regardless of party, the more an individual trusted and consumed Fox News, the less faith they had in the electoral process. Read more
A runner on a treadmill

New take on runner’s high: Study explores how marijuana affects workouts

A new first-of-its kind study aims to shed light on why so many people use cannabis before, during or after working out. It also seeks to answer a critical question: Does THC, which is considered a banned substance by the World Anti-doping Agency, hurt or help performance? Read more
A person holds a cell phone and has a laptop at hand.

Changes coming to Google storage

Google’s elimination of unlimited free storage for higher education customers will require CU Boulder to make significant changes, including removing the Google Photos offering and setting individual quotas for Google Drive. Read more
CU Boulder Police Sgt. John Zizz leads active harmer training class on campus

CUPD to host free active harmer response classes Nov. 30, Dec. 1

Learn what to do in an active harmer situation with the “run, hide, fight” response protocol. Join a free session. Read more
Staff Appreciation Breakfast

You’re invited to the Staff Appreciation Breakfast Dec. 1

Join CU Boulder Staff Council and campus administrators for a free employee breakfast. The event will occur from 7 to 9:30 a.m. in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at the University Memorial Center. Read more
Deputy COO Abby Benson

Abby Benson departs CU after nearly a decade of service in Colorado and Washington, D.C.

Abby Benson, who has served in key leadership roles within the CU system since 2012, will step down as CU Boulder’s deputy chief operating officer in early December to accept a new executive position with the University of Rhode Island. Read more

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