Academic advising is a critical component in the success of undergraduate students. Its goal is to assist you in creating and achieving educational, career and life goals. Advising is more than offering information about academic courses and registration; it also involves encouraging you to answer important questions about the nature and direction of your education. Advisors are here to get to know you, help you explore and understand your options, and personalize your overall academic experience.

Every student has an academic advisor. Your academic advisor will be in contact at least once in each of your first four semesters at CU and will offer wrap-around referrals to various other resources on campus. Your advisor may reach out to you to offer support when they think you’d benefit from it. You may have more than one academic advisor if you have multiple majors or minors and are welcome to connect with the advisor that best suits your needs.

Students have access to a variety of meeting modalities. All academic advising units offer expanded availability during peak registration weeks and you can connect with academic advisors in any college during weekly open hours.