Current Activities at CU-Boulder

  • Innovation Blueprint 3.0

    Colorado Celebrates Innovation Week

    Colorado celebrates Innovation Week during August 25-29, 2014. The Colorado Innovation Network has released their "The State of Innovation Colorado 2014" report measuring Colorado's innovation progress. The report evaluates innovation in Colorado across four categories - ideas, talent, capital and entrepreneurship. This year's report, done in collaboration with PwC, identifies opportunities and initiatives in order to accelerate Colorado's entrepreneurial momentum.

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  • Leslie Leinwand

    CU-Boulder Awarded $412 Million for Sponsored Research in 2013-2014

    The University of Colorado faculty researchers attracted $861.04 million in research awards in the 2013-2014 fiscal year, based on preliminary figures. Of that, the University of Colorado Boulder was awarded $412.10 million.

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  • RECUV Unmanned Testing Event

    CU-Boulder Leads International Unmanned Aircraft Testing Event

    An international research effort organized by the University of Colorado Boulder conducted the first multiple, unmanned aircraft interception of a telltale rush of cold air preceding a thunderstorm known as a "gust front" as it rolled across the Pawnee National Grassland in northeast Colorado on August 14, 2014.

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  • CU-Boulder, City of Boulder Honored for Town-Gown Collaboration

    The University of Colorado Boulder and the City of Boulder have been honored with the International Town-Gown Association's Larry Abernathy Award, recognizing the positive collaboration between the university and city.

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  • DreamChaser

    Cooperation Agreement Furthers Microgravity Science Capabilities

    Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Space Systems is pleased to announce it is expanding its relationship with the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder) through a letter of cooperation with CU-Boulder's BioServe Space Technologies to further the Dream Chase Space Utility Vehicle's microgravity science capabilities.

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  • CU-Boulder Ranked Among Nation's Top Entrepreneurial Universities

    CU-Boulder has been named one of America's Most Entrepreneurial Universities in Forbes. CU-Boulder was ranked No. 19, and joins Stanford, MIT, Cornell University, UCLA and Yale University -- among others -- in the top 20 nationally.

  • Aerospace Industry Insights Event

    Aerospace Industry Insights Event

    The Aerospace Industry Insights event, held at the Fiske Planetarium and sponsored by CU-Boulder and the Boulder Chamber, highlighted for the business community CU-Boulder's research and innovation in order to foster continued partnership and economic growth. This is the first in a series sponsored by CU-Boulder and the Boulder Chamber.

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  • Colorado Research Universities to Lead U.S. Contribution to Global Environmental Initiative

    The United States hub, one of five international hubs for Future Earth, will be headquartered in Colorado and managed jointly by the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University. Future Earth is an ambitious 10-year research initiative to address global environmental change solutions and actions.

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  • Colorado Continued Growth

    Colorado Poised for Continued Growth in 2014

    At midyear, Colorado is poised for continued growth in 2014, says CU Leeds School.

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  • Orbital Names CU as One of Their Top 7 Universities for Recruiting

    Orbital CEO and Co-founder David W. Thompson names the University of Colorado as one of his top 7 universities for recruiting.

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The Office of Industry Collaboration promotes and supports synergistic opportunities for engagement between CU-Boulder and industry and business. Strengthening these connections provides benefits to partners, students, and local, state, and national economies. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the nation's leading research universities with world-class research personnel and capabilities. The Office of Industry Collaboration is here to help companies navigate the campus whether the goal is to seek an academic partner or new hires, develop employee education and training opportunities, cultivate new product ideas, or promote itself to future employees and customers.

The Office of Industry Collaboration provides an identified point of contact to connect your business to the services, expertise, and capabilities available at CU-Boulder in support of the goals of your operation. Following the connection and determination of mutual interest, the Office of Industry Collaboration remains engaged to proficiently propel the project forward through contracting, implementation, delivery, and close-out. In addition, the Office of Industry Collaboration supports CU-Researchers who have made connections with industry partners and are ready to progress.

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