Current Activities at CU-Boulder

  • Gordana Dukovic

    Presto! Harnessing the Sun to make Fertilizer

    Here’s a new recipe that might be good for the planet: Add sunlight to a particular nitrogen molecule and out comes ammonia, the main ingredient of fertilizer used around the world. The eco-friendly method of producing ammonia is described in a new study led by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden and involving CU-Boulder.

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  • girl singing with instrument players

    Entrepreneurship Certificate gives Workforce Focus to Music Graduate's Degree

    The Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship allows students to graduate with the business and career skills necessary for success. Each college as well as the graduate program at CU-Boulder offers a variety of certificates to complement students' degrees.

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  • girl taking picture, girl in headphones, and two students by chalkboard

    ATLAS Expo Spring 2016 Showcase

    The ATLAS Exp Spring 2016 is a showcase of creative invention and design.

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  • SEEC Building

    CU-Boulder Wraps Up Work on $112M Sustainability, Environment Complex

    Faculty and graduate students are nearly all moved in to the new $112 million Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex, also known as SEEC, on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus.

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  • University of Colorado Board of Regents

    Board of Regent's Approve New Professional Master's Degree

    Following unanimous vote on Tuesday of the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Linguistics will begin preparations to jointly offer a new degree: a Master of Science in Computational Linguistics, Analytics, Search and Informatics.

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  • CU-Boulder campus aerial view with mountains

    Sideris, Hakala & Speer Receive Outreach & Engagement Awards

    The Office for Outreach and Engagement is pleased to announce that Sabrina Sideris, program director for INVST Community Studies; James S. Hakala, senior educator for the CU-Boulder Museum of Natural History; and, Nicole Speer, director of operations for Intermountain Neuroimaging Consortium, have all been selected for outreach and engagement awards.

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  • Michael Kercheval and Leeds building

    Kercheval Named Executive Director of CU Real Estate Center

    David Ikenberry, dean of the Leeds School of Business, today announced the appointment of global business leader Michael P. Kercheval as executive director of the CU Real Estate Center. Kercheval has more than 20 years of experience in private and higher education real estate.

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  • Power Dialog

    CU-Boulder to Hold Public Discussion on State’s Energy, Climate Future

    On April 4th, the University of Colorado Boulder will host a statewide discussion called the Colorado Power Dialog on campus and online about Colorado’s energy future featuring a panel of energy and environment experts from across the state.

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  • Leeds' Mentors

    Leeds' Mentors Coach Students to Success

    When CU-Boulder student Katie LoNigro let go of her 12-year career as a figure skater to free up her packed schedule, her mentor asked, “What are you thinking?” The question turned out to be pivotal in how LoNigro now approaches her career.

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  • CU-Boulder Energy Drink Study

    Hey Kids....Watch the Energy Drinks

    New research may cause parents to think twice before letting their kids drink energy drinks or grande lattes. A recent CU-Boulder study suggests that consumption of caffeine puts adolescents at risk of suffering anxiety-related jitters long after they stop ingesting it.

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The Office of Industry Collaboration promotes and supports synergistic opportunities for engagement between CU-Boulder and industry and business. Strengthening these connections provides benefits to partners, students, and local, state, and national economies. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the nation's leading research universities with world-class research personnel and capabilities. The Office of Industry Collaboration is here to help companies navigate the campus whether the goal is to seek an academic partner or new hires, develop employee education and training opportunities, cultivate new product ideas, or promote itself to future employees and customers.

The Office of Industry Collaboration provides an identified point of contact to connect your business to the services, expertise, and capabilities available at CU-Boulder in support of the goals of your operation. Following the connection and determination of mutual interest, the Office of Industry Collaboration remains engaged to proficiently propel the project forward through contracting, implementation, delivery, and close-out. In addition, the Office of Industry Collaboration supports CU-Researchers who have made connections with industry partners and are ready to progress.

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