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The Office of Industry Collaboration promotes and supports synergistic opportunities for engagement between CU Boulder and industry and business. Strengthening these connections provides benefits to partners, students, and local, state, and national economies. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the nation's leading research universities with world-class research personnel and capabilities. The Office of Industry Collaboration is here to help companies navigate the campus whether the goal is to seek an academic partner or new hires, develop employee education and training opportunities, cultivate new product ideas, or promote itself to future employees and customers.

The Office of Industry Collaboration, part of the Research & Innovation Office, provides an identified point of contact to connect your business to the services, expertise, and capabilities available at CU Boulder in support of the goals of your operation. Following the connection and determination of mutual interest, the Office of Industry Collaboration remains engaged to proficiently propel the project forward through contracting, implementation, delivery, and close-out. In addition, the Office of Industry Collaboration supports CU Researchers who have made connections with industry partners and are ready to progress.

We recognize that:

  • Each customer and project is unique
  • Each PI has a different skillset and background
  • Flexibility within a standard menu of options is necessary
  • Processes must be efficient and responsive

 How can we help your business or industry?

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Connect to the right resource by contacting the Office of Industry Collaboration:

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