2017 Snapshot

Research Awards

$507.9 Million
2,019 Awards

Proposals Submitted

$1.98 Billion

Research Expenditures

$463.6 Million

CU Boulder hit record-breaking milestones receiving over half-billion dollars in sponsored projects funding for fiscal year 2017. Award funding was $507.9 million, $71 million over fiscal year 2016, and expenditures were $463.6 million. Our faculty submitted a record number of proposals (2,348) valued at nearly $2 billion, and we issued over 30% more subawards to our external partners.

Surpassing a half-billion dollars in awards and steadily increasing expenditures is an extraordinary achievement and a testament to the quality and broad impact of our researcher’s work. With continued emphasis on collaborative projects across a wide range of partners and sponsors, CU Boulder’s faculty, staff and students are addressing complex, interconnected problems facing our world.

The professional research administration staff in the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) continually leverages our expertise in proposal preparation and submission, negotiations, non-financial award management and compliance for all sponsored project agreements and funding on the CU Boulder campus. We work closely with the Campus Controller’s Sponsored Projects Accounting office, which oversees the post-award financial administration of sponsored research, and the compliance units on campus supporting research. Together, we remain steadfast in our commitment to continuous improvement and opportunities to implement initiatives that improve efficiencies. 

Service Agreements Added to OCG Contracting Umbrella
OCG now oversees the various stages of contract negotiations, execution and project management of service agreements. These agreements are legally binding contracts used for the sale of services (fee for service) from CU Boulder to an external sponsor. External sales and service offerings are a valuable approach to enhance relationships, increase research funding and provide job opportunities for students. Often these projects grow into larger research opportunities.

Master Research Agreements Streamline Industry Projects
CU Boulder experienced a 59% increase in industry awards over FY16 with $23.8 million in industry awards. To help streamline projects with industry partners, a number of Master Research Agreements, or MRAs, were executed. MRAs further solidify and expand long-standing relationships between CU Boulder and our industry partners in a variety of research pursuits. Partners that established MRAs include:

  • Ball Aerospace
  • Battelle
  • Chevron
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Harris Corporation
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrup Grumman
  • NREL
  • Wyle Laboratories

Committment to a Robust Research Administration Training Program
OCG’s Research Essentials training program continues to grow to meet the needs of CU Boulder’s faculty and staff. Training offerings are expanding into in-depth topic areas, short on-demand videos and coordinated training efforts with other units supporting research.