2019 Snapshot

Total Support for Research
Awards & Gifts

$630.9 Million

Research Awards

$574.4 Million
2,299 Awards

Proposals Submitted

$1.45 Billion

Research Expenditures

$489.9 Million

CU Boulder has continued to grow and sustain its research and creative works portfolio as demonstrated by three consecutive years of over half-billion dollars in sponsored projects funding and nearing $500 million in expenditures for fiscal year (FY) 2019. Total research funding experienced a record high of $630 million with significant growth in federal funding and gifts supporting research through the CU Foundation Boulder campus.

Solid growth in sponsored projects starts with the submission of proposals with over $1.4 billion dollars submitted in proposed projects for FY2019. In the second full year of capturing service activities, 80 contracts accounted for nearly $5 million. Service activities are a valuable approach to enhance relationships, increase research funding, utilize university facilities or equipment with excess capacity and provide job opportunities for students. Research expenditures held steady at nearly $490 million. 

Federal agency funding continues to hold strong along with greater support coming through projects with industry, other universities, international partners and gift support of research from foundations,  private entities and individuals. Collaborations both nationally and internationally are integral to the robust nature of research and has continued to grow. Nearly 500 external partners are involved in active research originating from CU Boulder with nearly $52 million in subawards and subcontracts issued in FY2019.