An award may require a number of different types of reports periodically on research performance, financial progress, and property acquisitions on sponsored awards, which are specified in its terms and conditions. Outlined below are the types of reports that may be required and the individual or department that is responsible for the submission of these reports.

PI Reports (Progress, Performance or Technical Reports)

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for completing and submitting reports required by the Sponsor that disclose: progress on the project research performance, milestone achievements, and new technology or invention developments. These reports may be referred to by the sponsor as:

  • RPPR (Research Performance Progress Report)
  • Technical Report
  • Performance Report
  • Project Report

These reports are considered deliverables under the terms of an award and should be submitted by the sponsor’s deadlines. Due to the variety of Sponsor’s deliverable methods, the Guide to Sponsor Reporting Requirements was created to assist with questions regarding CU procedures for report submissions. 

Sponsors expect timely submissions of sponsored project reports.

Invention reports may be required in documents separate from the Project/Progress/Technical Report. If an invention report is required, please contact so that OCG may complete and sign the required form. The PI will only need to advise whether or not there were any inventions. For any other questions regarding deliverables, please email, or contact Betty Rasmussen at 303-492-9660.

Financial Reports

The Campus Controller's Office is responsible for the preparation of financial status reports during the project period of performance. Examples of financial reports that may be required are:

  • FFR
  • SF425
  • Quarterly Financial Disclosure
  • Cumulative Invoices

The award terms and conditions detail the reporting specifics that are needed for the financial report submission. Typically the final financial reports are submitted to the sponsor within 90 days of the end of the project period. If you have any questions about the financial reports for your award, contact the Area Accountant assigned to your department.

Property Reports

A property report is not required on all awards but when it is, the following standards apply:

  • The PI and department are responsible for completing the Department Property Closeout Report for all awards on which permanent equipment has been acquired.
  • The OCG Compliance Officer is responsible for completing all annual and final property reports that are required by and submitted to the sponsor.
  • If you have questions about whether an annual Government property inventory and report are needed for your award, contact the OCG Compliance Officer. General property questions may also be sent to

Record Retention

Research, award, and accounting records must be retained for at least six years after inactivation of the award SpeedType(s).

  • Departments are responsible for the retention of research records, including: Activity Reports, Research Data, Summary Reports, Working Papers, Related Documentation, Laboratory Notebooks/Records, and Technical Reports.
  • The Office of Contracts and Grants is responsible for retaining award records for grants, contracts and awarded proposals. Sponsored Projects Accounting will retain sponsored award financial records.
  • Additional information on the University of Colorado Record Retention policy can be found at the Office of Policy and Efficiency, under APS 2006. The record retention schedules for the Boulder Campus are also available here.