Access the Online Proposal Submission Form

  • Click on the Boulder eRA Login button. Boulder eRA Login
  • Select Boulder from the campus drop-down menu.
  • Enter your IdentiKey and Password. Click Log in.
  • Click Sponsored Projects in the left-side menu on the Home page.
  • Click Create New Proposal Submission Request (PSR) Form when the screen refreshes.


What is the online PSR form?

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG), in conjunction with infoEd and our campus Office of Information Technology (OIT) team, has built out the utilization of infoEd for completing the Proposal Submission Request (PSR) form and submitting it to the designated Proposal Analyst through the system rather than using the PDF form. This creates a dynamic online submission version of the PSR form.

  • By January 16, 2024, all Proposal Submission Request (PSR) forms will be completed through the Online PSR in infoEd and the PDF version will no longer be accepted.
  • The Online PSR form was rolled out incrementally with a few pilot departments. Pilot departments have been using the online PSR since May 2023. The pilot departments are Biofrontiers, College of Media, Communication & Information, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Institute of Cognitive Science, and Geological Sciences.

  • Provides a secure, responsive form with conditional questions, which will shorten the form for many PIs.
  • Provides an option for the PI to upload a draft budget, the funding opportunity announcement, scope of work, and other documents as part of the PSR submission to help reduce emails.
  • Allows multiple users to work on a record together. The system will also validate that all required fields have been completed and direct the user to any missing information on the page.
  • Allows for electronic approval of the PSR without the need for additional steps to sign the form through Adobe Acrobat or DocuSign and then email the form. This is possible because individual PSR submitters are logged into the system with their CU Boulder identikey credentials.
  • Once all questions are complete and compliance assurances are met, the form will automatically select the PI’s assigned OCG Proposal Analyst based on the department org and routed the PSR electronically to them.
  • Provides system delegation for research administrators supporting PIs in the department to contribute to the completion of the PSR form.

Your Proposal Analyst is a champion for the Online PSR form and is here to help you through the process, so don't hesitate to reach out to them.

Below is a brief overview of the steps it takes to get started.

Video tutorials are available in the eRA Sharepoint site. Identikey credentials are required to access this site.

Be sure your HCM profile includes only your email address.