• Ensure the correct org code/department for the PI is selected, this is necessary to ensure the Online PSR is routed to the correct Proposal Analyst.
  • Ensure any associated departments/org codes are added within the Instructions Tab, this is necessary for indicating any ICR splits.
  • Ensure the “Complete” box in each tab is checked, this is located in the top right corner for each section and is necessary in order to complete the form.
  • Only include CU Boulder PIs and Co-PIs/Co-Is in the personnel section. Do not include any additional personnel. (No subaward PIs, no other senior personnel, no grad students, etc.)
  • Remember the “Build and Submit” step; your Proposal Analyst will not receive notification of the Online PSR until this step is completed.
  • If a DRA/Unit Administrator completed the Online PSR for the PI, the PI is required to complete an “approve” action. The Online PSR will not reach the Proposal Analyst until this step is completed.
  • Please be sure your HCM profile includes only your email address.