Service activities are other activities performed by university personnel and utilize university facilities, and/or equipment, and/or expertise with excess capacity to perform work similar to tasks done on sponsored research projects, but without the scientific investigation and conclusions.

Service activities are a valuable approach to enhance relationships with external partners, increase research funding and utilize facilities or equipment that have additional capacity. Often these projects lead into larger research opportunities.

Service activities are initiated as either rate based or sponsored services activities. All service activities with external customers have a legally binding quote or contract that include standard university requirements and terms and conditions relevant to the work.

What are rate and sponsored service activities?

Sponsored Service Project Activities (SSP)

  • Activity based on a specific scope of work
  • A budget is built to the scope of work
  • Sponsored service activities are only with external customers

  • Work for Hire or Consulting
  • Analysis and Interpretation
  • Training for External Entities (outside of academic program)

Record Management
  • infoED

Fund Management
  • 33 (CCO Managed)

Where do I start?
The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) is your first stop for Sponsored Service Project Activities. Sponsored Service Project Activities follow a process very similar to sponsored research and creative works to prepare:

  • Scope of work
  • Budget
  • Contract negotiation with the customer
  • Closeout
  • Sponsored Project Accounting

Follow the Prepare & Submit Proposals requirements to begin the process if the project is in the beginning stages.

Submit questions to:
Nicole Carleton
Project Manager, Service & Research Agreements
Office of Contracts and Grants

Submit financial management or allowability questions to your CCO assigned Area Accountant.

Rate Based Service Activities (RB-ESA)


  • Testing (usually standard, repetitive tests)
  • Analysis
  • Equipment Use

Record Management
  • Quotes within the department/campus unit
  • infoED if agreements required

Fund Management
  • 28/29 (Department Managed)

Where do I start?
Budget & Fiscal Planning (BFP) is your first stop with Rate Based Service Activities. BFP works with you to set rates, assess risk levels and guide you to the next steps depending on whether the customer is internal or external to the university.

Rate Based Service Activities typically follow an annual cycle with current year detailed information found on the BFP website.

Active / Setup Complete Reference Information

Approved quote templates may be used for most circumstances with the exception of noted criteria. If your transaction meets one or more of these exceptions, please email to initiate review of customer issued agreement. If a new university agreement is need, please submit a request through the online form.

Submit Fund 28/29 financial questions to your CCO assigned Area Accountant.

Quote Reporting

Campus units that have completed the rate based service activities campus setup process are required to track issued quotes to external customers and report them quarterly using the Rate Based External Service Activities: Quote Report Form. If a campus unit uses Stratocore PPMS, it is currently exempt from this requirement.

Please complete the Quote Report form and attach the unit's quote log. Spot audits will be conducted by the Campus Controller's Office and the Office of Contracts and Grants. Each unit may be asked to provide the documentation associated with its quotes including, but not limited to, copies of the quotes, rate calculations, approved rate sheets, etc. Please retain the appropriate documentation in your files.

Submission Schedule:
Quarter 1 (Q1): Due October 15th
Quarter 2 (Q2): Due January 15th
Quarter 3 (Q3): Due April 15th
Quarter 4 (Q4): Due July 15th

Email reminders with guidance for the quarterly submissions will be sent 14 days prior to the scheduled due date.

When submitting the quarterly report, campus units can either use the RBSA-E Quote Reporting Template to track its issued quotes to external customers or the template can be used as a reference for the information required from the unit’s existing quote tracking system.

If you have questions regarding the Quote Report form, please contact

Service Activity transactions with external customers are often handled through service agreements. To learn more about service agreements, request a new service agreement, or submit a no cost extension for an active service agreement, visit the Service Agreements page.