90 days graphicStarting on the tasks listed below 90 days prior to the end of an award will help ensure that all of the closeout tasks can be completed prior to the sponsor deadlines.

  • Monitor burn rate to date to uncover underspending and potential overspending.
  • Equipment and property purchases charged to the award should be finalized.  Equipment ordered after this date needs sponsor approval or a written justification to explain the special circumstances for this exception.
  • Check your agreement terms for final invoicing instructions. Contact Campus Controller's Office (CCO).  Begin reviewing the award’s financial records now to ensure all valid, allowable expenditures will post to the award in the month before the final invoice is due.
  • Contact sub-awardees to notify them of the date by which final reports and a final invoice (clearly marked as “Final”) must be received to ensure payment. Contact OCG Subcontracts.
  • Will all cost share commitments be fulfilled by the end of the award? Contact Campus Controller's Office (CCO). Start working now to:
    • Ensure funds are transferred to cost share SpeedType and expenditures are posted per cost share agreement.
    • Obtain all documented in-kind contributions to provide to Cost Share Accountant.
    • Confirm with subawardees that their cost share commitment will be fulfilled and reported, if applicable.