Sponsored Project No-Cost Extensions are administered by the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG)

A No-Cost Extension (NCE) extends the project period beyond the original project end date. As the term “no-cost” suggests, there is no additional funding involved. 

All NCE requests must be submitted by OCG to the sponsor, as these actions are required to be submitted by OCG, CU Boulder's Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). NCE requests must be initiated using OCG's webform (links below) to ensure a valid submission to the Sponsor. PIs may request a NCE through OCG when all three of the following conditions are met: 

  • The end of the project period is approaching, AND 
  • There is a programmatic need to continue the proposed scope of work or services, AND 
  • There are sufficient funds remaining to cover the extended effort. 

Request NCE 

If you are ready to request a NCE for your project, click on the appropriate Sponsor link below related to your project. Helpful hints: 

  • Choose “Other Sponsor” if your sponsor is not listed and the project is Research.  
  • Choose "Service Project" if the NCE is for an identified service project.  
  • The sponsor specific NCE request forms conform to the submission requirements of these sponsors.  
  • If the information provided does not follow these requirements, OCG will be unable to submit the request in the sponsor’s online portal. 
  • If you have any questions on utilizing this form, contact your Grant or Contract Officer.

NSF   NASA   NIH   DOE   NOAA   Other Sponsor   Service Project

Additional Details

You must have and provide a scientific, project-related reason to extend your project end date. Extensions may not be obtained for the sole purpose of spending remaining funds. 

Appropriate reasons for an extension include, but are not limited to: additional time needed to assure completion of original project scope, delay in hiring appropriate personnel, extensive delay in production or shipment of key equipment or supplies, time lost due to transfer of key personnel, etc.

For additional details about the NCE Request Process, including impact to SpeedTypes, see "NCE Request Process Details" below.

All NCE requests must be submitted by OCG to the sponsor. Following are the detailed steps for NCE requests.

Submit OCG's NCE Request Form

  • To initiate a No-Cost Extension request, submit OCG’s online NCE Request Form.  All No-Cost Extension requests must be submitted using OCG’s online NCE webforms to ensure a valid submission

After Submitting OCG's NCE Request Form

1. The request is automatically forwarded to CCO to be considered for an applicable At-Risk Extension in PeopleSoft until the sponsor’s official approval is received by OCG.

  • IMPORTANT: Extension requests through OCG’s NCE Request Form are not guaranteed approval.
  • If CCO extends the project end dates prior to sponsor approval, this is done so that you can continue to use your project SpeedType.
  • If a sponsor does not approve an NCE request and CCO extended your end date in PeopleSoft, the department/unit will be responsible for charges made after the original end date of the project.

2. The NCE request is automatically forwarded to your department/unit’s research administrator or financial manager for awareness. The requestor will also receive a copy.

3. OCG submits the request to the sponsor and tracks NCE progress in infoEd.

  • To see the status, navigate to the project in infoEd > Expand the proposal record menu > Agreements > Locate the line for the NCE (agreement type “Sponsor Request”) and click “Detail.” 
  • Agreement tracking for NCE requests will have a status of “NCE Open.” 

OCG Receives Sponsor Response

  • If the request is approved, OCG will update the end date in infoEd and route an award modification within OCG and to CCO for updates to the finance system.
  • If the request is not approved, project closeout will commence. OCG will notify CCO.  Any charges made after the original project end date are the responsibility of the department/unit.